Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So it looks like there is a rather sizable storm out there.

This year’s storm is probably being as heavily hyped by the media as last years. I keep hearing the terms “the Perfect Storm”, an obvious allusion to the Halloween storm or 1992 that Sebastian Junger made famous in his book by that name. And I am also hearing the term “Frankenstorm” used a great deal.

I’m sure these terms will sell advertising. But they won’t help you at all if the storm makes landfall anywhere near you, does damage to your property, and you lose power.

The truth is we have had several “no Name” storms effect the
Island this fall. The surfing has been great. Fall fishing; the same. And windsurfing, has also be great.

I returned my gas generator in August because I just couldn’t get it to run consistently enough. It would have been helpful just the same if we lose power. Now of course the only generators available, are thousands of dollars, and could power a small apartment building. I just need some thing that runs consistently for 12 hours, to power a bubbler for the boat if we get a hard freeze. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and buy some returns after this storm. Meanwhile, I took the roller furling Genny down last night, and added an extra mooring pennant where I had some chafe from the last few weeks.

So while that’s all taken care of...it’s my ankle I’m not sure of. [I rolled it in the shore-break while windsurfing a little over a month ago] I have been able to surf on it. [That’s not too hard considering how little standing I actually do when surfing]; plus I have been out SUP’ing on flat water, and to the gym in efforts to strengthen it. So while I will probably surf today, before things get too out of hand...I may have to sit out the near perfect Windsurfing wind and waves we are expecting.

I will say this. If it doesn’t feel perfect...I won’t go. Playing in the front side of these storm events is one thing...but once the storm surge pulls all that debris back into the water. It becomes a minefield out there. Last year we lost the Mayor of Joe’s Beach when he hit a waterlogged tree. And he was only sailing the sound, not the ocean.

So let’s all have fun. Don’t give the authorities a hard time. Know your limitations. And look out for your fellow Waterman. This is not a contest, this is supposed to be fun.

Oh yea, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself when you get pummeled in the shore-break, or held down. It will help you remember why we enter the water when others run from it. It is our home, our love; it brings us peace, and calmness. Not an adrenaline rush.

Well it’s 7:30...I have to leave for the beach; sun’s up.

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drysuit2 said...

And the award for the understatement of the century goes to me. I have spent the last week searching for ice, food, propane, gasoline, and friends. My neighbors and I felled a half dozen trees with pruning saws.
I now have power, and a warm roof over my head...to my friends who don't..and you know who you are; come on over.
I would not have faired well without the help of my friends, like Steve, Rich, and Billy.
If I can help you; let me know how.