Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October has been a nice month for windsurfing. I'd like to thank the US Government for extending Daylight Savings Time into October. This has enabled me to enjoy some rushed, short, after work sessions in the prevailing North East Winds we have seen. [On a separate note: I'd like to chastise the US Government for taking its sweet time to step in on the economy. Thus putting my livelihood, and savings, in jeopardy.]

Even the weekends have been windy. Last weekend the 18th,&19th, I even managed to sail two days in a row. I managed to do this without breaking or hurting anything major. So I was feeling pretty good about my self when I decided at the last minute, to sail the ocean yesterday.

I had even posted up on the LI Windsurfing group that with:
the South East wind expected to build into the 40’s…
both a bad direction, and wind speed for the ocean…
the significant wave height 8 to 12 feet…
the incoming tide all afternoon…
That Heckscher was the better call.
But as I drove down along Ocean Parkway, I couldn’t help but notice that both Gilgo and Overlook were infested with kites. Dozens of them! So I figured why not me? At noon the tide had not changed yet. So it the shore break looked relatively benign. A couple of text messages later from Scott Y, and Kev O’, and I found myself rigging at RM5. Jeff T showed up as well. The goal was to do a “Down winder” from RM5 to RM2, where Scott had left his car. This seemed an awesome idea at the time.

And it probably would have worked… if I had actually made it through the shore break. Kev and Scott did. But I repeatedly was crushed and worked by the relentless rinse cycle. I started out at the east end of RM5, at the FINS border but ended up toward the west end of 5 when I finally gave up an hour or so later. I then of course, managed the a walk of shame back to my truck.

As I was doing my best to de-rig sand blasted gear, everyone else had called it quits as well; and announced…”let’s go to OBI”. So I did.

Billy T showed up and led the charge out the inlet to Demo. I never made it to Demo. Instead, I rigged too big: so I satisfied myself with some BAF’ing at the inlet. It was nice to actually be sailing instead being crushed by the shore break.

Eventually the wind just got stupid; making it difficult to bear off back to the launch. So I body dragged back to the OBI and called it a very tiring day. In the gear department, my FF skinnies, Ezzy waves, all behaved well [ie. They didn’t break; the jury is still out on my Pro Tech boom,] The JP will have some minor repair work tonight.


PeconicPuffin said...

Bro, next time it's blowing SE come to The Bowl for some quality wave time! I've got a post on Peconic Puffin with details, but in short, the Bowl in SE works nicely. Last Saturday was my favorite session of the year!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Frank!
You should post this on LI Windsurfer as well....

My 2 cents,


drysuit2 said...

I saw those shots! sounds like the bowl is the spot in a SE.