Saturday, May 22, 2010

At least someone got some.

Well, while the first two weeks of May I sailed 5 out of 7 days a week: this past week; I was not so lucky. I sailed a few light and gusty nights on Segue. But for the most part, Long Island is not enjoying the 20 to 50 we had those first two weeks of May. It's not so bad. I need the time to let the old shoulder heal up. My only regret, is I would really liked to do the ABK Camp at Napeague this Fri/Sat/Sun. I just don't have the ability to take an actual vacation right now. It would be nice just to get away for awhile.

My parents, on the other hand, apparently had 20 to 30 knots on a regular basis. They had to travel for it though... Here are a few pics of them sailing in Croatia.

Dad at the helm, Mom in the foreground.

Great scenery

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I can’t believe I missed this!

I screwed up yesterday. Tried to leave the office by 3. Didn’t till 4.

Drove via the Ocean Pkwy to the Sewer: arrived at 6: wind had shifted off shore: last of the regulars were just making it in. Rich, Joe and I tried to find Andrew's new secret spot by the Jones beach coast guard Station.

We are talking about the beach in the north side of Jones. Instead of going to West
End 2 you make a right at the booth, north toward the Coast Guard Station; then
another right turn at the boat basin just before the Coastie's entrance. Past
the building, and park in the far east side of the lot; and THAT IS THE SPOT; I think.

When we got there the NE wind and out going tide made it too light for our 5.0's
and 85-80 ltr boards. It was a no-go.

If that is Andrews new spot; it's really quite good. You just have to watch the tide in
the channel. I used to Kayak there in the 70's.

We also drove left at the Coast Guard station to the "Fishing" parking lot. That
place looked knarley; all concrete slabs and rebar!

It was getting too late for us to sail and "unknown" spot, so we checked out
West End two. I have a night Fishing permit, and a board carry waiver; so I was
the only legal one. Our cover story was that we were looking for our friend. We
never needed it. But we where all three of us, dressed in our wetsuits. So we
had our stories straight none the less.

I was however enamored with the point break at WE2. The waves were wrapping like
they used to at Demo two seasons ago.

Are the stories I've heard of "extreme Localizim" there true?
If not: what am I missing? The place looked like it could be 'epic', given the
right swell and or wind.

Why don't we Windsurf there? I know Mike Da'Baker told me he sailed and surfed
there long ago. But Mike grew up on Point Lookout, across from WE2. Plus, He was
a great surfer.

Is the spot worth pursuing? and if Commando; under the radar?
Through Surfrider, or LIBAG?

Any thoughts from our elders...

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It was just that kind of week. I tried to leave work early four times this week and catch a sail.

The first time I arrived at Stehle to a dieing Westerly. Pete R. had rigged; but never even bothered to put on his wetsuit.

In my second attempt to leave at three; I was greeted by sand blasting across the road at CIB. A good sign for Centre Island Beach. By the time I was rigged and on the water; I was barely able to plane. But it was 7PM and I wasn't going to re-rig, and hump my gear back and forth through the tunnel. So I just sorta schlogged about waiting for the occasional gust.

On my third attempt; Wedensday. A graceful exit was not to be had. This time I left work at 6. Picked up a cold 12 pack of Bud light for Matt Myron and the MICA crew. And frantically rigged a 6.0, and my RRD 110. The wind Thursday was gusty in Manhasset Bay to say the least. But at least I got wet. Something I would never have accomplished if I was still working in the City. To top things off, at 3:57 I get an e-mail from my Regional Complex Manager, "I need to talk to you for 5 minutes tomorrow morning" I think I got about an hour of sleep that night.

Thursday morning, I am up at 5. Turns out I have to move to a new office this weekend; and I'm getting a new CA [Client Associate]. We used to call them Sales Assistants. Then; You see, now that we have effectively dismantled the NYSE, super fast computers do most of the actual trading. So if someone puts through a sell order for 9 Billion of something instead of 9 Million... there is no human Specialist on the floor to say "hey wait a minute". And so we tryed to do damage control during a 1,000 point drop in the DOW.The good news was I did leave the office around 5.
As I am crawling through traffic at 10-15 MPH, I wave a small gray sedan in front of me. No sooner than I am behind him, and he hits his breaks hard. I did too. But not fast enough. He calls in his entourage, and the Police. I'm glad the Police came. It felt like I was about to get my ass kicked by half his family and friends. I spoke to his Father; [who arrived on the scene in like 2 minutes]. Apparently this is the third time he been hit from behind in the last six months. If you manage to get rear ended 3 times in 6 months...I'm sorry you are just plain, doing something wrong. Especially, because my truck has absolutely NO DAMAGE! But his tail light, bumper, and trunk are destroyed? I wish I had seen the car before I hit it. There is no possible way I could have done all that at 10 MPH. Check my GPS. After all that I turned around, and just went to the gym.

Friday, my current CA doesn't show up for work. I spend the day fielding calls to explain that it is not the Apocalypse. Leave at 3; and have a wonderful sail with Lauralee on Segue.

Saturday; I tryed to sail at TOBAY, [Town Of Oyster Bay Beach]. The shore break is VAS, [Victory At Sea]. Much better sailors than I are getting pounded. I sit on the beach getting sand blasted for awhile. I just can't do it. I already have two broken boards in my basement waiting for repair. I just can't afford another one right now. I migh as well have just stood in the shore break and tossed $1,000 bills into the ocean.
Dommer and I bail. I shoulda' listened to the Squidman, and gone to CIB first. Pleanty of swell in the middle and no killer shore break. Just what I needed. Rigged a 4.7, my smallest weed fin, and the 90ltr Syncro. Phil took some nice shots.[see above]. I can't believe I missed CK.

Maybe some more today; with Joe. I got a TXT from Lenny at 6AM he was already out on a 4.0 again!

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did I do this?

I was on my mooring yesterday, doing some work on Segue. It was warm and sunny; so I took my shirt off. And somebody mentioned it to the Yacht Club Stewart. Now I make it a point to not go shirtless when I am at the dock, or in the club. It is out of respect for anyone who might be offended, or who might be entertaining business guests. But I was out on my mooring. I just don't get it.

Four or five years ago, I attended the Commissioning for the North Shore Yacht club.
It was a sweltering 90 degree day. And so I wore shorts, a short sleeve silk Hawaiian dress shirt, and topsiders with no socks. Now I'm not saying that this is my's just that since that day, the club has added a "dress code" for Commissioning.

From the invitation: "
On behalf of the Bridge, the Entertainment Committee cordially invites you to attend our 140th Commissioning,... The dress code for the day is sports jackets and slacks for men (ties optional). Women are requested to wear skirts, dresses or dress pants. Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip-flop sandals and such are inappropriate...
Last year’s Commissioning was a great success despite some rain. Let’s make our 140th Commissioning even better and pray for sunny skies!"

it's only sailing. I guess I'll miss this years Commissioning; Just as I have for the last few years.
I hope that it's nice and windy for you all, when you get to play "Dress Up".
I guess I'll have to find something else to do.