Sunday, November 23, 2008

First "Glove Day"

Pete, Put up some pics from yesterday

We had a really nice rolling swell; even though the wind was gusty. I managed to be on the right sail, & board combo, most of the time. I started on the 5.5 & the 109 ltr board. But settled on a 5.0 and the 90 ltr Syncro. I could have been on a smaller combo at times, but this was fine in the lulls and sailable in the gusts. Great crew. Great wind. Great first "glove day" of the season.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November update

OK, so it's been awhile. And no pictures to boot. So bear with me. November has been... well November. Two weekends ago; I think it was the 9th... I was on my way to sail Tanner in a westerly. On my way down the Meadowbrook Phil called me and told me to head west to Long Beach. He said Mustang's "secrete spot" was going off.

I'm glad I did. We had really nice 6.0 side shore, to side off; hip high, wave sailing. It was just the confidence booster I needed after getting trashed by RM5.

Last weekend we saw the return of the double header. Sailed Tanner on Saturday with the Heckscher crew that didn't go to Hatteras. I started with a 5.5, and ended the day with a 5.0, in a warm [no drysuit, no gloves] decent Southwesterly.

On Sunday I hit West Meadow. I started at High Tide. I managed to get out through the unforgiving shore break on a 4.7 and the small 90 ltr Syncro. Once out there, I did not want to risk coming in, and getting trashed. So I sailed the meaty waves, well over powered. I was so overpowered that I literally could not bear off down wind unless there was a lull, or I was over sheeted and surfing down a wave. I wish I had rigged the 4.2, but after sailing the day before... I was happy calling it quits after an hour or so.

I really like WM on an out going tide. But I still am not man enough for it's shore break. See Jills post on the Puffin for a great explanation of WM at high tide, and for the reports from the Eastern LI guys. See Steve's page for some nice shots from Sunday at Da Meadow. Still no gloves!