Sunday, April 14, 2013

New life.

Treat every session as if it was your last.

I have several friends and personal heroes that treat any day on the water with this attitude. As my friends and I are beginning to understand...
We live lives where we are responsible for the well being of others...
Our bodies are getting older: and the injuries we have had in our lives are catching up with us.

The things that conspire to keep us from living our lives don’t all come from ourselves. Natural disasters, terrorist acts, wars, Mother Ocean rising up to explain to us that we are pushing her too hard. We need to keep her healthy, clean, stop taking from her, and give her some space.

As we reach into our 50’s and 60’s it becomes more and more difficult to immerse ourselves as we need. Commitments, Age, Time, and Injuries all conspire against us.
Right now several of my best friends are trying hard to heal, just enough to get back in the water. Injuries suck: surgery, physical therapy, earning a living, coming to grips with my new-found limitations. Not fun.

But that is why every session on the water is so important. It could be our last.
We are watermen not because it is easy; but because it is hard. It’s the learning curve; the struggle to get better, improve, learn new moves; just carve a better arc... that’s why this life chose us.

I never forget that it is a gift that I can do these things. I am so grateful for this opportunity. That I get to do this, at all; is a wonder.

When I watch this clip for the upcoming “Children of the Wind” I really see this. These kids from Bonaire could have lived a very different life. Instead, some of the nicest most genuine people in the world breathed new life into windsurfing. And new stoke into me.

Thank you.

Children of the Wind Trailer 2012 from Seek Films on Vimeo.

Thanks to Ely for the first clip “Don’t Let Go”, and Michael at the Puffin for “Children of the Wind”.