Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Heckscher clean up.

We are doing the water walk at Heckscher this Saturday March 2'nd. At 12:00 noon. The more that show up...the faster we will get it done. I hope to see as many as we can there!


Saturday, February 16, 2013


DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

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Once again, my life has been reshaped because of events outside of my control. I was lucky. The storm turned at the last minute. My gain: was devastation from Fire Island through the Jersey Shore.

They are all changed forever.

My few weeks scrounging for supplies: propane, firewood, gasoline, Ice...
all seem trivial now.

For a short time we came together as a community. Then we got ugly.
I am grateful for the help of my friends.
I am grateful to have a warm roof over my head.
There are still far too many that do not. I do what little I can to help.

The ocean was our enemy, for short time.
The ocean is still our home.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

To have been at the nexus of a new sport.

Check out this blog post.

Wow this brings back memories. It actually has my first board I purchased new: The Magnum 370. I had a “Team Rider” discount because I worked at Sigsbee. Then we all upgraded to Mistral Equipes because all the Olympic Windsurfing guys were riding Fanatic Ultra Cats. God it was great; you had one board, maybe two sails, and you just went out in any conditions. It was so simple. Lenny “The Squid” was the king with his Puka necklace. He could rail ride, and do a head dip; the top tricks of the day.

One weekend he took me out to Napegue. He was waterstarting his Seatreand sinker, and I had to sail a borrowed 4.something. I think I had two feet between the clew and the end of my non-adjustable boom. My world changed that day. Lee was riding this custom Captain America board. I rode a friend’s Bic Electric Rock. Game over for me. Now I have no money, and live in a van down by the water.


I may spend most of my adult life playing in, around, or on top of Long Island’s waters. But I grew up in Jersey. And in Jersey, you go “down the shore”. Whether it was the bungalows at Point Pleasant, the boardwalk at Seaside, or a share house on LBI...this is where I first discovered my connection with the ocean.

There were times in my life that I considered the Boardwalk and arcades to be an insult to my senses. But that sweet sticky smell; that loud assault of noise and light. This is also the place I experienced independence for the first time. Let loose {I thought anyway} alone with a pocket full of tickets. Riding the beach train, and fishing in a barrel, [a game you could not possibly lose at]. Holding hands with your first summer girlfriend, then blowing every dollar you had to win a stuffed animal for her, [worth pennies].

I remember a cold, wet, autumn week at the Jersey Shore with my wife. It just didn’t seem like we were on “vacation”. All it took was one round of mini golf...you remember.

Yes; those of you who know me have heard me use the phrase “this place is becoming like the Jersey Shore”, like that is a bad thing.

I was wrong.

It’s not a bad thing. It is a great thing.

Public access to the beach and the ocean is a gift and a right we can not take for granted. It is a treasure the Jersey Shore bestowed upon me. It is a memory seared in my mind; a connection imprinted in my soul: My first love; first crush; and partner for life.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

windsurfing demo.7.21.11 (Enhanced) from Frank Messina on Vimeo.
Yes, you have seen this one before. Yes, it is a little egotistical to post it up again. But I've only windsurfed a handful of times since Sandy. I've just been too busy tearing apart peoples homes,sick as a dog, working, or just too afraid of the water quality to get wet.
I figured out how to add a little music, but still can't get the columns to work properly on Blogger.
So maybe I'm just posting this one for me. It's either here or facebook, why not here?