Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing: Pronounced, windsurfing. Also referred to as shredding, Sailing, Boardsailing, or “I don’t care what cha’ call it: you can’t do it here.”

What separates this type of surfing from all others, is the use of a universal joint to merge the sails power with that of the surfboard. This allows windsurfers to travel great distances in order to catch waves, or be rescued.

It is unclear who invented this asinine sport. Only one thing is clear; whoever it was…had way too much time on their hands. The activity gained its greatest popularity in the 70’s. Two out of work engineers; Hoyle Schweitzer, and Jim Drake, patented a universal joint designed specifically to hit you in the nuts when it disengaged from the surfboard. The 70’s were undoubtedly the halcyon days of the sport. While there is proof that people have windsurfed for 1,000 of years; the sport reached its pinnacle during the “head dip” performed in the opening credits of Miami Vice.
This “epic” moment was the last time Windsurfing was considered cool.

Modern Windsurfing is usually practiced by middle aged men who drive large vehicles, but never actually leave them. Archeologists believe this is because they have spent all their money on gear, and actually live in their trucks. The windsurfers themselves claim to be waiting for the wind to fill in?

It is the author’s opinion that Modern Windsurfers spend most of their time waiting for the second coming of Robby Naish, deciding what gear to rig, and complaining about how much access they have lost to kitesurfing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday January 10th

Managed a few hours on Segue this Sunday. It was definitely the happiest I've been in a long time. Took this with my cell phone. I was very hesitant to do so. The last time I pulled out my Blackberry on the boat,
I dropped it overboard.

Sorry for all the wind noise,and poor cell phone video quality.
I published it anyway, because you can clearly see how well Segue sails. You set the sails; tie off the tiller; and she does the rest. Sailing alone in the winter satisfies my soul in a way I just can't describe.

Looks like the Ice will be with us soon. I stretched the ice sailor about a foot yesterday. I also sharpened the blades. We will have to see if the extra length improves the handling or not. I had some control problems at speed last winter. This is because we had exceptionally smooth ice last season.
I'll post up, when I have something to report. I understand they had sail-able ice on Lake Ronkonkoma yesterday.

Meanwhile here are 2 pic's from last season.


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