Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

Monday I sailed Heckschere. And the sewer was like a reunion day. So many faces I haven't seen since last fall. It was nice to finally sail without a hood on. Fully powered all day on a 5.0.
Was too tired to rig down. When left, the 4.5's were getting rigged. Sounds
like the ocean was great well.

Having sailed Thursday night and now Monday...I was feeling pretty damn good... Only to be taken down by a pebble. As I was carrying my kit to the truck I stepped on a sharp stone in the parking lot. Ouch! direct hit to my heal. How can something so little hurt so much? Ice packs and rest this week, for me.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Windy or not windy.

Yesterday I was incapable of deciding if I should go windsurfing or not. It was just so gusty. North Westerlies are always gusty but this one was especially so. One minute it would be gusting to 40... the next it would be 15. How do you rig for such a day? After waffling all afternoon, I gave up. I was sitting in my truck having just watched a squall blow through [sideways rain, and all] when I got a call from Pete. "I'm at Stehle. I'm rigging a 5.5." is all he had to say.
There was a bit more traffic than usual because it was now 5. But I was still rigged and on the water by 6. Joe Elvis showed as well. It was still a gusty session. But all north westerlies are.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jinxed no more

Monday 5/19/08 blew a nice westerly down Long Island Sound. I've been jinxed lately. Every time I announce that I am leaving work early to go windsurfing...something happens at work to make that impossible. So I while I spent Monday at work, checking the wind. I never said to any one that I was going to sail that day. So my plan worked, and I bolted out the door at 3:50 PM.
Pete, and Rich had been out at Stehle overpowered on 5.5's when I arrived to serious lull. It was nice just to be out of the office. For a while I considered rigging a big sail and board combination. But figured I would be better off with a 5.5 because in the gusts Pete was well powered. I'm glad I did. Steve, Lenny and Chuck all eventually showed; and the wind filled in nicely.
It wasn't epic, but the water had this aquamarine glow to it. The swell wasn't half bad, and for Stehle...well it was pretty damn good. What could be better after a day at work,
than sailing with your buddies?

Oh and a special thanks to Blue Harbor Cat, who stood out there in the cold snapping photos of us.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

OK just a quikie

Sailed Crab last weekend in the NE. It was terrific. See the Yahoo Group for the war stories. The East End Peconic guys nailed it at . See the video by Peconic Jeff at his site, and Mike's Peconic Puffin.

Last night was epic NE again. I missed it. But I understand that the Mysto Wave made an appearance at CIB.

I did, sail twice last week on Segue though. Wednesday was windy enough to windsurf; but the water in Manhasset Bay was filthy! So I double reefed the main, and used about 70% jib.

In the last few weeks everyone has fertilized their lawns. That, and all the rain we have had turns the sound into a giant petri dish of sewer overflow and ground run off. Your green lawn is killing my playground.

for more information see

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars! On Friday June 13th, Surfrider Foundation’s Central Long Island Chapter will host Teton Gravity Research (TGR) 2008 release of their highly anticipated 16mm & Hi Definition Surf Film OUT THERE.

OUT THERE will show at Sachem High School East in cooperation with the Sachem High School Interact Volunteer club.

Doors open at 7, the film will begin at 8pm. We are charging only $5.00 a head, proceeds go Surfrider, and the Sachem High School Interact Volunteer club.

Children under 5 are free.

Directions to Sachem East.

Teton Gravity Research (TGR) presents OUT THERE, a 16mm and HiDef film taking a progressive, fresh look at what faces the surf world today.

More information, including the movie trailer, can be found at