Friday, January 18, 2008

In the age of U-tube, or just the internet for that mater, it is amazing what you will find when you Google your self. Thank god I went to college before the internet age. Although I know there are some incriminating photos out there if I ever decide to run for office.

Usually I find something I posted up on a user group, or a photo taken of me ice sailing [those photographers love ice sailing!]. Tonight I found a short little vid from this summer.

Had I realized I was being filmed, I would have at least tried to sail in a straight line.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well I overdid it.

Sailed Sunday from Stehle. Shawn, his friend from Maine, and Upwind Mike sailed as well. Pete came down; but he has had so much time on the water lately he passed. I rigged a 7.0, & the 125ltr Sumo. I probably could have gotten away with a 6.5, but I did not want to shlog, at all. I had a solid hour and a half of starboard ramps, and mini port tack swells. Once the tide changed it was all over. The swell disappeared, and my fin found no traction.
I broke my cardinal rule of rehab. Always give my body a day of rest in between sessions. It just takes me longer to recover as I get older. I'll try to rest up and take care of myself this week. Big 3 day MLK weekend coming up!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nice Surf today

Met Chuck, Mustang Steve, and Steve's Brother in law Tucker at Long Beach. Never connected with Phil. He surfed Gilgo. Nice off shore breeze. Some of the sets were pretty big. Still trying to get back into it all. A few belly rides for me. And a nice shin bruise from my fin, as a souvenir. My god! paddling around is so much more fun than a treadmill or a gym. I always feel better after a day on the water.