Wednesday, November 24, 2010


All of the following shots are by Brook.

is by Jeff S. aka Peconic Jeff. Mike as usual does a great job of chronicling their days adventure at Tiana at

It's not so often you can sail DTL
I think this would count as logo high.
Some of the crew:  Kev, George, Scott, Bill, & Ted.

Brook, himself; Dommer, & Pete.

My day started a little differently. I had fully intended to make the drive to Tiana. My last experience there was so beautiful, I wanted more. But the day, and my body were not cooperating. I woke up early on Saturday,[like 4AM]; my impingement was bothering me so much I could not sleep. That: and maybe the prospect of wind, and waves on the weekend. It was 5:00 AM and already blowing 20 from the west, with the expectation of a veer to WNW later in the day. I did my best to stretch and loosen up my shoulder joint, but more drugs would be in order. A little more Celebrex, for the inflammation; and a little Vicodine for that tweak of pain that deprived me of my sleep last night.

I figured I would wait till later in the day and sail West Meadow on the wind and tide switch. But I kept getting these great reports from Brook at Beach X. We are Windsurfers. So, in the eyes of the State Parks Department we are not Surfers. Therefore, Windsurfing is prohibited from the ocean at Robert Moses State Park. We could have launched from Overlook and legally sailed three quarters of a mile in open ocean to Democrat Point… But Beach X has a safer, closer to the break launch, with little shore break.

“I was going to go to West Meadow or Tiana. My shoulder is acting up. Do you think I can handle it?” was my question. “Of course you can” was my answer.

Brook was right. Beach X was great. Not perfect, but great, warm, no gloves backside to DTL wave sailing. In other words: Windsurfing. Thank you Brook.

Oh yea, and sitting here in the office today...While it's blowing 25-30 out of the NW all day, and it's sunny, and warm. It's killin' me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's all about the Sunsets

Sunset from the Mooring
My friend Jeff always tells me "it's all about the sunsets".

Life is rushing by lately. I haven’t been able to do, or enjoy the things that are important to me.
The year end crunch is starting sooner than usual.
It always seems to be windy when I’m working. And I always seem to be injured when it’s going off.

Life has me pretty stressed right now. I’m not built to deal with stress: I barely sleep, and only with the help of sleeping pills.
I seem to be working all the time. And it always seems to be windy and warm when I'm at work.
I am missing the things I want to do; so I can pay the bills for things I don't need.
I missed Monday’s meeting with the State. Instead; I was here at work dealing with those things that will seem unimportant on my death bed.

I don't even have time for my family. When you don't come home from work till 7:30, then fall asleep on the couch at 8:00; that's not much of a family life. I will not even have the time to make the trek  to Chatham to see my Parents for Thanksgiving this year.

This is the time of year I should be going to the gym regularly, to rehab the damage I do to my aging body.  I can’t slack off on that. Besides, it's kinda' hard to do an after work session in the dark, so I should actually  have the time for rehab now.  But I'm not even doing that. Instead I'm up at 4:00 doing this.

Something has got to give. I'm just too close to the edge. I can’t keep up this schedule much longer...

So while we go through this stressful time of year. I thought I'd share a few of the sunsets. The Camera phone doesn't do the greatest job; But it is enough. Some are from a sail I had the other night with LL; some from my night with Phil, and the others just various nights the last few months.

Manhasset Bay from the Town Dock [above]

RM causeway after a day of surfing [above]

Stehle in Bayville [above]

MB from the Town Dock [above]

another RM Bridge [above]

puting Segue to bed [above]by Phil

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

State aims to temper dispute over access to LI beaches Island Now

State aims to temper dispute over access to LI beaches

Monday November 15, 2010 4:47 PM By Erin Geismar

The New York State Department of Parks, with a new chairman at the helm, is taking on a long-running dispute over Long Island beach access.

Members of the Long Island Beach Access Group and the New York State Parks - Fishing Advisory Board filled the seats at the parks department commissioner’s meeting at Belmont Lake State Park on Monday and gave opposing views of the trouble between surfers and anglers at beaches across the Island.

Bill Muller, an advisory board member, complained that surfing and fishing were not compatible activities and that fishermen felt they were being pushed off the beach.

Jack Riordan, of Long Island Beach Access Group, said surfers have been made to feel like “second-class citizens,” and that they deserve equal access to the beach.

It was not the first time the groups have approached the parks department for a solution, but Chairman Bryan Erwin said during his first meeting in the position that it would be his “winter project” to fix the problem.

Erwin asked both groups for a concise list of grievances, and the commissioners voted to form a sub-committee to review the issues and how they might be able to address them.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


It’s not every day you find a sailing partner like Pete. He’s not just a competent sailor: he just keeps getting better. And for guys our age, that’s impressive. His son is becoming pretty damn good as well. Pete is more than a Family man, Master Carpenter, Master Board Repairman, and multiple job holder.

But that’s not why I like Pete. I like him because even if he has been out surfing or sailing all day…if I show up to the beach late because I’ve been working all day and would have to go out on a solo session…Pete will rig up and still go out with me. I’d be too exhausted to do that. I don’t know how he does it?

As you know; I’ve been nursing my left elbow the last week or so. A steroid shot kept me side lined over Halloween’s howling winds. [A day on Segue with Phil, had to do for that day.] Pete and I have been known to have been the catalyst for toxic death of the wind. He and I at the same launch at the same time has killed the wind on more than a few occasions. Yet to spite all that when I showed up at CIB on Sunday afternoon, in desperate need of a sail. Pete still rigged up and went sailing with me. Even though he had be surfing all day.

Thanks Pete

Ice sailing

Pete in big the big stuf.
Logo high, for sure.
Air Pete

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I believe in drugs. Cortisone injections to be particular. Last week I had one to my tendinitis in my left elbow; and I am already beginning to feel better.Over the years I've had more than several steroid injections to my neck, back, and shoulders. In all cases, they have proven more effective than sucking down Celebrex like Pezz. Although, I do that anyway. I come from an aging generation of Weekend Warriors. And I do not intend to stop any time soon so...

This is what I missed
three days of great windsurfing. But even I realize the need for rest. 

But Phil and I managed some time on the water. He chronicled it here on his Blog.

While it's nice to be ON the water...
I'll be back IN the water, soon.