Friday, October 31, 2014


SURFING @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND from Chris Bryan on Vimeo.

Surfing @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND

Every once in a while I try to explain to someone what surfing or windsurfing is like.
I don't know why I do... because you either understand the ocean; or you don't.
If you are that person who slips into a drysuit or a 6 mil because you have to go out when it's 35 degrees and 30 knots, or the swell is just right... you understand.

The closest I have ever come to explaining it to someone, is to say, "it's like a car accident".
"Everything slows down. Milliseconds take seconds; seconds feel like minutes".
Maybe this video will help you understand?

Or this one from Andy...
Fall 2014 Slo-Mo from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Or this one from Iggy...

Ponquoge, Long Island wavesailing from Hudson River Rat on Vimeo.


Surfing Hurricane Cristobal from A Hundred Miles to The End on Vimeo.