Sunday, October 18, 2015

I am fascinated by the idea of windsurfing a foil

I am fascinated by the idea of windsurfing a foil

Using a kite board with a foil is more popular. I have never actually seen someone use a foil on a windsurfer. The only place they seem available to buy, is in France. Moth Class sailboats have been using foils for over a decade; and we saw the power, speed, and practicality of foils in the last America’s Cup. I still have never seen one up close.

So what kind of additional stress does a foil add to your fin box? I have "power-boxes" on my larger boards; it looks like foils are designed for a Tuttle-box. Do I need a special purpose board with additional reinforcement around the tail? Do I need to move my foot-straps?

One of these videos shows a board planing with an old windsurfer one design sail. Does that imply that the foils are forgiving?

I have also seen footage from AHD [I believe it was back in 2009, and they were actually marketing a Foil-Board]; it looked very efficient; planing on a small sail, as other boards with bigger sails slogged.

So, I don’t know…yesterday I sat in my van for 3 hours watching my friends do the slog thing, then sail way overpowered on 8 point somethings, and race gear; as the wind went from 8 to 20, then 20 to 8.

I’ve sailed that gear. And I sold the last of it this year. I found it fast in light air, jarring on my joints, expensive, and fragile. I guess I have evolved what I want out of windsurfing. All my boards have the straps inboard, and forward. No more heals on the rail. I have downsized to wave sails, wave, and free-ride boards.

So on light air days, do I take up kiting? Or buy a light air sailboat?

I don’t know… but this looks intriguing. I want to try one; I just don't know how.