Saturday, September 28, 2013

All of yourself

I haven't actually taken a “vacation” since 2011. That was for Windsurfing Magazines “Board Test”. Prior to that I took a week off for my cousin Kriss’s wedding back in 05. That is unfortunately, the nature of my work in this economy.

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t take my share of days off here and there... And I certainly duck out early for a sail, or surf. But I have not pulled the cord, and  disconnected from my work for more than a few days since 1990.

How do I know that? Well I got married to my wife in 1990. We went windsurfing in a time and place where you weren’t connected to the office via cell or smart phone. We took two weeks. By the second week, I actually felt the change that is supposed to occur during a vacation, I relaxed. I took an actual vacation from my life, my day to day stress. I may have even stopped worrying for a short while.

But that was then...and this is now. In order to survive, I take mini vacations. I try to engage in activities where I don’t have time to think. 

On the water: thinking is bad. You just do. You just react. 

When I go to the water it has to be just her and me. I owe her my full attention. She deserves it. She has earned it,[even if I haven't]. I must give all of myself.

The smartphone is locked away. That problem can; should; must wait. It’s only an hour or two. These moments are for us. I need them; to remember; to learn from; to recall, and relive. Soon my vacation will be over. I will be bombarded once again with the endless noise and static that is modern life.

First up: Arroyo Laguna,  Kevin Pritchard, Graham Ezzy bring us Tourists of The Sea - Episode One.">Tourists of The Sea - Episode One - Arroyo Laguna - Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy
from">Johannes Neumann on">Vimeo.

Then Holly Beck Obermeyer teaches us there is no down time, and we can always surf something.