Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

And the word for the day is Microburst.

Can you say Microburst? See; I knew you could.
I have not been sleeping well. As a result my body is not healing like it should.
I need a lot more time to heal between sessions then I did even five weeks ago. [I think the holidays are getting to me.]
So Sunday morning I woke up from my three hour sleep in a good deal of pain.
I had spent the day before, outside; pulling moorings at my club. It was a glorious day; no wind, cloudy, quiet…many of the reasons I love to spend time on the water in the Winter.  There was about a half inch layer of skim ice on the surface. The sound of chain breaking through this “soft” ice was the most wonderful sound.  You could both hear, and see your breath. It was perfect. Even the sound of Vic the Club Stewart yelling at me because I couldn’t anticipate his every move was comforting. It sent me back to my 20’s; when I did this kind of work for a living.
Buy I’m NOT in my 20’s; I’m pushing 50. And I spend the majority of my day sitting on my ass. Atrophy is a bitch!
I was excited about sailing on Sunday. The forecast was for 20 to 57 MPH out of the South East. And it was expected to be warm. [relatively, anyway]. High 40’s. My new drysuit had arrived on Friday, and I probably would not end up needing gloves.
The plan was to put the finishing touches on my “Go Pro” camera mast mount, and then head for the “Bowl” at Shinecock inlet. Somehow time got the best of me. [Read about the guys that did sail "The Bowl"] or cut and paste http://www.peconicpuffin.com/the_peconic_puffin/2010/12/new-guys-early-birds-and-good-times-in-the-rain.html
I spent hours more fiddling with my old boom attachment then I thought I would. It is just as well. As I waited patiently for my Celebrex and Viconine cocktail to take effect.  It didn’t. At least not until 11:00. I knew that there was a crew sailing from West Neck, [about 2 hours closer], so I decided to join them.
When I arrived it was Nukin’. Most guys were getting hammered with 4.2’s in the gusts; but others were hanging on to 4.5’s for the inevitable lulls.  But I knew it was supposed to back off as the day progressed. So I rigged a 4.7, my 90 ltr. I used my old reliable True Aimes slotted 8 incher.
I spent the rest of that day on that set up or my 110 and my 6.3. No matter what I rigged…It was either over, or under, powered sailing. It didn't matter what you rigged.
You would get to spend 15 minutes, up to your knees, doing the underpowered limbo.  Then a microburst would come down and just flatten, or backwind you. Sure, I had a few perfectly blissful runs. [That's really all you need. Isn't it?]
In hindsight, I should have taken the trek to the East End. But you never leave wind to find wind. And while it wasn’t the best session I’ve ever had…it wasn’t the worst either.  My shoulder is still sore; but I didn’t have to wear gloves.

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