Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

This is my first attempt at a video

CIB.12.26.2010.edited from drysuit2 on Vimeo.

This is my first attempt at a video. While I got my ass kicked…I have a feeling there were more guys out sailing in that Blizzard than just Pete, Florian and myself. Let’s see em’. Thanks to Joe for the recommendation on Machete Video Editor lite.

While it seemed cold, [the snow is a dead giveaway] the temp’s were in the mid to high 30’s. Once the rig starts icing, I just don’t sail. I’m glad we sailed Sunday the 26th because it was in the high 20’s today; great if you’re a skier, not a sailor. We were hoping that the outgoing tide against the incoming Nor East wind would kick up some nice swell. But as you can see, the shore break sucked, and I kept getting swept west: not the direction I wanted to be going.

I tried to come ashore: rest and re-adjust my rig. But that was not a good idea. There was no shore just concrete seawalls. I smacked up my rail pretty badly attempting an ungraceful exit. Plus, I have a hole in my new 5.0. I’m not sure exactly how I did that. I don't remember taking any unusually bad crashes.


PeconicPuffin said...

Props for going out! I become a candy ass when air temps are sub 30 unless the un is blazing. Good work bro!

drysuit2 said...

I think I'll try the mast mount P.O.V. until I can figure out how to protect my sail from the helmet mount.
I spent the better part of yesterday with Kevlar repair tape. You can see where my camera tilts forward at about 2:20 after I got worked by the shore break. I think that created a sharp edge for me to poke a hole in my 5.0. It's a shame: I think that is only the 3rd or 4th time I've used that sail. I still have my old Ezzy Wave 5.0 as a back up.

Lastly for you Michael: notice that I never completed any of my jibes.

McPhilly said...

Excellent work Frank, props. Thanks for the vicarious sail. I can now sail from my couch and have you get cold and wet.

Just kidding -- I miss it. I'm so freaking jealous. My cervical nerve damage is still NFG, but there is some incremental progress. But the recovery is not as quick as last time, and the arm tingling is much deeper, stronger, longer lasting and more frequent than I remember.

So I live in hope that I may be able to sail again one day.

Where there heck were you sailing, almost looked like Stehli?

Just a suggestion, as for POV, I would love to see the camera pointing in the same direction you are looking.

With the current POV it makes the viewer want to keep craneing his neck up (instinctively) to see what's coming next on the water.

While, it's interesting to see the rig, hands, harness and the board nose etc, the viewer's natural instinct — and desire is to see what your eyes are seeing.

Is your camera side mounted to the helmet or top mounted? I figure top mount goes thru the sail easily. Side, maybe not so easy.

Lenny can tell you a funny story how we got rigged up and walked through a foot of snow to launch — one cold azz winter in fading light — boy, were we farging desperate — and we're getting ready to do our first beach start of the afternoon -- I rest my Naish Nalu on may head, and my head goes through the sail and pops out the other side — Lenny just pizzed himself laughing.

All that effort for ... he called it a "Chinese Fire Drill" we used his gear, for a few runs and the wind crapped out.

But they are days you don't forget, that's for sure.

drysuit2 said...

If you notice the camera,(mounted on top of the helmet) was pointing
straight ahead till I got worked by that first shore break. Then it
pointed down. I built a boom mount to try for my next attempt.

The helmet cam punched a hole through my new 5.0. I spent a day taping
the hole with kevlar tape. Hope it holds.

Can't wait to see you back on the water, my friend.