Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Windsurfing Magazine Board Tests

The build up.

LL & I were originally going to drive down Friday. But the best laid plans….you know the rest. I am just starting to heal up from this sinus infection. I have had it on and off for so long now that I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since January. And while I have been able to sneak in some sailing and surfing when I had days that I was feeling better; I have severely slacking off my exercises , or PT for my neck and shoulder. That is a bad thing. If I don’t keep the muscles built up to stabilize my neck and shoulder, I get big pain. And I am now paying, from neglecting the gym.

As such, we decided to delay our departure, to give me an extra day or two to heal, and to get my gear in order.

I did some quick glass work to the RRD. I had no time to paint; so I just put a sticker on it to keep the UV off the repair.

And I really wanted to finish the nose on the Naish  and the tail on the JP.

The Naish is a great old school wave board. But it suffered from a “Turkish slipper” nose that was prone to breaking. So I lopped it off and am in the process of re-glassing it. [Still not finished in time]

In the end I want the nose on the Naish to look like this previous  nose repair to the JP.
The JP suffered the insult of being run aground onto a sand bar at West Meadow. Even though I have replaced it with the RRD, I still really like the board.  I have been laying glass and epoxy down over the wood layer. When I hit the sand bar, the bottom of the board remained intact. However the deck in front of the finbox insert creased and delaminated. I sanded the tail down to the wood and carbon. So far, I have laid two layers of glass on the deck. Next I will wrap the rails with one more layer of glass. She may weight a pound or so more than the original, but she will be just right for those gusty 5.0 days when you want a little bit more floatation.

Most of my repairs are like this one on my Fish. Light, Fast and slightly visable if you know where to look. But they get me back out on the water soon. The JP is the closest to a rebuild I’ve done in awhile. 

We arrived yesterday afternoon about four’ish. It was blowing a cold side off shore at our house. The drive down here took its toll and aggravated my shoulder/neck injury, to the point that; [while it was tempting to go sailing after a six hour drive]; I thought better of it.

The group is a great one. Josh Sampiero of Windsurfing Magazine put together a great group of people. Today is rainy, cold and not very windy. I am watching some of the “hard core” sailors plane occasionally on their huge sails and light air Formula gear from my bedroom window. I’m tempted…But I know another day of rest is exactly what my body needs. Just to be down here is what my soul needs.

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