Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

This is my first attempt at a video

CIB.12.26.2010.edited from drysuit2 on Vimeo.

This is my first attempt at a video. While I got my ass kicked…I have a feeling there were more guys out sailing in that Blizzard than just Pete, Florian and myself. Let’s see em’. Thanks to Joe for the recommendation on Machete Video Editor lite.

While it seemed cold, [the snow is a dead giveaway] the temp’s were in the mid to high 30’s. Once the rig starts icing, I just don’t sail. I’m glad we sailed Sunday the 26th because it was in the high 20’s today; great if you’re a skier, not a sailor. We were hoping that the outgoing tide against the incoming Nor East wind would kick up some nice swell. But as you can see, the shore break sucked, and I kept getting swept west: not the direction I wanted to be going.

I tried to come ashore: rest and re-adjust my rig. But that was not a good idea. There was no shore just concrete seawalls. I smacked up my rail pretty badly attempting an ungraceful exit. Plus, I have a hole in my new 5.0. I’m not sure exactly how I did that. I don't remember taking any unusually bad crashes.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Brook finally has a December session

Brook finally had a December session. December; as you know, has been a  pretty good month for wind. Unfortunately, most of those days have been during the week.And for Brook, on every weekend, someone in his family has been ill. So instead of carving hard, he's been wiping runny noses. In fact he recently lamented that this will probably be the first December he has missed sailing for like 12 years.

Until yesterday; when we all got an early Christmas present. We sailed West Neck in 4.2 to 5.5 conditions during an outgoing tide. Just beautiful. All the photo's are by Brook so he isn't in any of them. And I am still in search of a simple Windows based video editing program for my GoPro. Not that it would have mattered any way. Visibility was zero during the frequent snow squalls that would blast through. But it was warm enough that we didn't have to contend with ice. In attendance were Rich, Florian, George, Brook, Mustang, and myself. Dommer showed up: but too late for a safe session.
 That is one ugly board

Florian on the way out. I'm the tiny orange sail on the other side. I think the red one is Rich.

Flo goes for air

George, carving hard

I'm the tiny sail on the left. George is on the right.

Friday, December 17, 2010

And the word for the day is Microburst.

Can you say Microburst? See; I knew you could.
I have not been sleeping well. As a result my body is not healing like it should.
I need a lot more time to heal between sessions then I did even five weeks ago. [I think the holidays are getting to me.]
So Sunday morning I woke up from my three hour sleep in a good deal of pain.
I had spent the day before, outside; pulling moorings at my club. It was a glorious day; no wind, cloudy, quiet…many of the reasons I love to spend time on the water in the Winter.  There was about a half inch layer of skim ice on the surface. The sound of chain breaking through this “soft” ice was the most wonderful sound.  You could both hear, and see your breath. It was perfect. Even the sound of Vic the Club Stewart yelling at me because I couldn’t anticipate his every move was comforting. It sent me back to my 20’s; when I did this kind of work for a living.
Buy I’m NOT in my 20’s; I’m pushing 50. And I spend the majority of my day sitting on my ass. Atrophy is a bitch!
I was excited about sailing on Sunday. The forecast was for 20 to 57 MPH out of the South East. And it was expected to be warm. [relatively, anyway]. High 40’s. My new drysuit had arrived on Friday, and I probably would not end up needing gloves.
The plan was to put the finishing touches on my “Go Pro” camera mast mount, and then head for the “Bowl” at Shinecock inlet. Somehow time got the best of me. [Read about the guys that did sail "The Bowl"] or cut and paste http://www.peconicpuffin.com/the_peconic_puffin/2010/12/new-guys-early-birds-and-good-times-in-the-rain.html
I spent hours more fiddling with my old boom attachment then I thought I would. It is just as well. As I waited patiently for my Celebrex and Viconine cocktail to take effect.  It didn’t. At least not until 11:00. I knew that there was a crew sailing from West Neck, [about 2 hours closer], so I decided to join them.
When I arrived it was Nukin’. Most guys were getting hammered with 4.2’s in the gusts; but others were hanging on to 4.5’s for the inevitable lulls.  But I knew it was supposed to back off as the day progressed. So I rigged a 4.7, my 90 ltr. I used my old reliable True Aimes slotted 8 incher.
I spent the rest of that day on that set up or my 110 and my 6.3. No matter what I rigged…It was either over, or under, powered sailing. It didn't matter what you rigged.
You would get to spend 15 minutes, up to your knees, doing the underpowered limbo.  Then a microburst would come down and just flatten, or backwind you. Sure, I had a few perfectly blissful runs. [That's really all you need. Isn't it?]
In hindsight, I should have taken the trek to the East End. But you never leave wind to find wind. And while it wasn’t the best session I’ve ever had…it wasn’t the worst either.  My shoulder is still sore; but I didn’t have to wear gloves.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Da Meadow twice, once with Mustang

 The Tri-Fins were coming out.

The Cell phone pics are not the greatest; but they capture the spirit of the day.
Saturday, 11/25/10: It was the first "glove Day" for me. Cold, short and sweet at West Meadow. The wind came up hard; so the kiters called it a day. I hung on for as long as I could. But in the end, only managed two hours before my forearms gave out. I hung onto my 5.5 overpowered, and over downhauled for as long as I could, because I was too lazy to come in and rig down. It was interesting: the wind had a lot of west in it. So the south east corner,[notorious for clean waves with light wind], was actually the breeziest spot that day. WM was definitely the call. I was going to try RM5 again. But Mustang convinced me otherwise. Good call by Steve.

Mustang Steve, catching air at Da Meadow. Photo by Steve Domjan.
We still call him Mustang. Although for years, his preferred mode of transportation was a tricked out red Mustang.  Now he drives one of those boxy Honda Elements that look small, but you can still fit all your gear inside. {it helps that most boards are shorter today than they were in the 90’s]. He’s married with two kids, but he still has that Mustang; with a NOS system and ready to race. He is a high school teacher living in Long Beach now. So he surfs nearly every day it’s good. When we get together to surf at his local break, we refer to it as Camp Mustang. It’s not just that we are paying homage to the various Maui breaks. It’s because sailing, or surfing with Mustang; makes you better. He is always dishing out helpful, useful advice. Maybe he’s just a born Teacher. But every surf, or sailing session I have with Steve, I come back better then I was before. It’s like having your own private coach. If it was not for Steve, I would not be half the windsurfer I am today.
Steve at West Neck. Photo Pete Roesch

Going for air at the Gorge

One more West Neck Pic, by Pete Roesch.

 Saturday 12/04/10: I was going to drive all the way out to Tiana. But heard from Jon that he and Mike B. were lit up on their 5. somethings.
I pulled off the LIE at exit 62 and went north to Da meadow. I arrived to a disappointing sailor, alternating  up and down between fully powered, and under powered on his 6.2. He was on the outside.

In the flats Jon & Mike were planing on their 5 inch fins, big flat freestyle boards and high 5 sails. I wanted to sail; so I rigged my 6.9 Ezzy, and the 125 ltr Angullo. I was powered from the start. Then as the sun moved closer and closer to the horizon; the wind speed increased. [I am getting just too much practice sailing overpowered!]. Again, we only had about one hour of sunlight left as the wind went ballistic. Not enough time to walk all the way back in, [yes, walk]; I don't feel like breaking another board on the sand bars; thank you. As it was; I did hit bottom once, and was treated to a ride over the handlebars. And that was WITH a weed fin. The only kind you should use at WM, unless you have an unlimited bank account.

So, I down, and out, hauled my 6.9 till the leach was so lose, David Ezzy would have had a coronary...and I sailed till I could see no more.

God, I love this time of year. My only complaint would be Sunset  at 4:28. If it wasn't for the short early days...Steve and I would be sailing right now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


All of the following shots are by Brook.

is by Jeff S. aka Peconic Jeff. Mike as usual does a great job of chronicling their days adventure at Tiana at http://www.peconicpuffin.com/the_peconic_puffin/2010/11/oh-tiana.html

It's not so often you can sail DTL
I think this would count as logo high.
Some of the crew:  Kev, George, Scott, Bill, & Ted.

Brook, himself; Dommer, & Pete.

My day started a little differently. I had fully intended to make the drive to Tiana. My last experience there was so beautiful, I wanted more. But the day, and my body were not cooperating. I woke up early on Saturday,[like 4AM]; my impingement was bothering me so much I could not sleep. That: and maybe the prospect of wind, and waves on the weekend. It was 5:00 AM and already blowing 20 from the west, with the expectation of a veer to WNW later in the day. I did my best to stretch and loosen up my shoulder joint, but more drugs would be in order. A little more Celebrex, for the inflammation; and a little Vicodine for that tweak of pain that deprived me of my sleep last night.

I figured I would wait till later in the day and sail West Meadow on the wind and tide switch. But I kept getting these great reports from Brook at Beach X. We are Windsurfers. So, in the eyes of the State Parks Department we are not Surfers. Therefore, Windsurfing is prohibited from the ocean at Robert Moses State Park. We could have launched from Overlook and legally sailed three quarters of a mile in open ocean to Democrat Point… But Beach X has a safer, closer to the break launch, with little shore break.

“I was going to go to West Meadow or Tiana. My shoulder is acting up. Do you think I can handle it?” was my question. “Of course you can” was my answer.

Brook was right. Beach X was great. Not perfect, but great, warm, no gloves backside to DTL wave sailing. In other words: Windsurfing. Thank you Brook.

Oh yea, and sitting here in the office today...While it's blowing 25-30 out of the NW all day, and it's sunny, and warm. It's killin' me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's all about the Sunsets

Sunset from the Mooring
My friend Jeff always tells me "it's all about the sunsets".

Life is rushing by lately. I haven’t been able to do, or enjoy the things that are important to me.
The year end crunch is starting sooner than usual.
It always seems to be windy when I’m working. And I always seem to be injured when it’s going off.

Life has me pretty stressed right now. I’m not built to deal with stress: I barely sleep, and only with the help of sleeping pills.
I seem to be working all the time. And it always seems to be windy and warm when I'm at work.
I am missing the things I want to do; so I can pay the bills for things I don't need.
I missed Monday’s meeting with the State. Instead; I was here at work dealing with those things that will seem unimportant on my death bed.

I don't even have time for my family. When you don't come home from work till 7:30, then fall asleep on the couch at 8:00; that's not much of a family life. I will not even have the time to make the trek  to Chatham to see my Parents for Thanksgiving this year.

This is the time of year I should be going to the gym regularly, to rehab the damage I do to my aging body.  I can’t slack off on that. Besides, it's kinda' hard to do an after work session in the dark, so I should actually  have the time for rehab now.  But I'm not even doing that. Instead I'm up at 4:00 doing this.

Something has got to give. I'm just too close to the edge. I can’t keep up this schedule much longer...

So while we go through this stressful time of year. I thought I'd share a few of the sunsets. The Camera phone doesn't do the greatest job; But it is enough. Some are from a sail I had the other night with LL; some from my night with Phil, and the others just various nights the last few months.

Manhasset Bay from the Town Dock [above]

RM causeway after a day of surfing [above]

Stehle in Bayville [above]

MB from the Town Dock [above]

another RM Bridge [above]

puting Segue to bed [above]by Phil

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

State aims to temper dispute over access to LI beaches


http://www.newsday.com/long-island/towns/long-island-now-1.1732330/state-aims-to-temper-dispute-over-access-to-li-beaches-1.2463845Long Island Now

State aims to temper dispute over access to LI beaches

Monday November 15, 2010 4:47 PM By Erin Geismar

The New York State Department of Parks, with a new chairman at the helm, is taking on a long-running dispute over Long Island beach access.

Members of the Long Island Beach Access Group and the New York State Parks - Fishing Advisory Board filled the seats at the parks department commissioner’s meeting at Belmont Lake State Park on Monday and gave opposing views of the trouble between surfers and anglers at beaches across the Island.

Bill Muller, an advisory board member, complained that surfing and fishing were not compatible activities and that fishermen felt they were being pushed off the beach.

Jack Riordan, of Long Island Beach Access Group, said surfers have been made to feel like “second-class citizens,” and that they deserve equal access to the beach.

It was not the first time the groups have approached the parks department for a solution, but Chairman Bryan Erwin said during his first meeting in the position that it would be his “winter project” to fix the problem.

Erwin asked both groups for a concise list of grievances, and the commissioners voted to form a sub-committee to review the issues and how they might be able to address them.

< back to article

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It’s not every day you find a sailing partner like Pete. He’s not just a competent sailor: he just keeps getting better. And for guys our age, that’s impressive. His son is becoming pretty damn good as well. Pete is more than a Family man, Master Carpenter, Master Board Repairman, and multiple job holder.

But that’s not why I like Pete. I like him because even if he has been out surfing or sailing all day…if I show up to the beach late because I’ve been working all day and would have to go out on a solo session…Pete will rig up and still go out with me. I’d be too exhausted to do that. I don’t know how he does it?

As you know; I’ve been nursing my left elbow the last week or so. A steroid shot kept me side lined over Halloween’s howling winds. [A day on Segue with Phil, had to do for that day.] Pete and I have been known to have been the catalyst for toxic death of the wind. He and I at the same launch at the same time has killed the wind on more than a few occasions. Yet to spite all that when I showed up at CIB on Sunday afternoon, in desperate need of a sail. Pete still rigged up and went sailing with me. Even though he had be surfing all day.

Thanks Pete

Ice sailing

Pete in big the big stuf.
Logo high, for sure.
Air Pete

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I believe in drugs. Cortisone injections to be particular. Last week I had one to my tendinitis in my left elbow; and I am already beginning to feel better.Over the years I've had more than several steroid injections to my neck, back, and shoulders. In all cases, they have proven more effective than sucking down Celebrex like Pezz. Although, I do that anyway. I come from an aging generation of Weekend Warriors. And I do not intend to stop any time soon so...

This is what I missed
three days of great windsurfing. But even I realize the need for rest. 

But Phil and I managed some time on the water. He chronicled it here on his Blog.

While it's nice to be ON the water...
I'll be back IN the water, soon.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Fall

As seems to happen every year: The weekend of October 15, 16 & 17 was such a great sailing weekend, [see last weeks post] [or last years] that they canceled/postponed the Manhasset Bay Fall Series again, because it was too windy. That's right folks. Million dollar racing sailboats, it seems, are incapable of sailing when there is actually wind. Well I'm glad the wind finally calmed down enough for them to hold some races by spreading the event over two weekends.

In other news: last Friday was an outstanding West Meadow day again. I was able to sail my 90 ltr Syncro, and 5.0 all afternoon. Though I probably should have been on my 4.7. I aggravated my tendinitis to such an extent, that I had to get another cortisone shot. so you guys will have to windsurf with out me this weekend. I'll be out on Segue.

Lastly; the Fall Bass run is moving West.

So the Fishermen have set up their "Beachfront Condo's" at Demo.

Remember, they have the exclusive right to drive on the NYS Parks beaches. The State of NY does NOT issue a 4X4 outer Beaches permit. They issue a 4X4 FISHING Permit. Everything else is prohibited via 4X4. [surfing, sunbathing, camping, swimming etc.]

So I figured I would show some action shots of these hearty fishermen in action.

Wait a second; no one is fishing. And why do you need a five ton truck to cart your fishing gear? Surfers have to carry their boards that same mile and a half stretch each way to reach that same section of beach?  Why are the "Soccer Mom's" and other user groups... people who are not 100% fishermen prohibited from using these beaches? I couldn't possibly carry all my windsurfing gear a mile and a half each way. It's a good thing I can sail there via the Fire Island Inlet.

Something smells fishy here.

Dear NYS Parks Department
We are not simply looking for surfing access. We are attempting to right a wrong. The State of NY has created a special class of beach user with the exclusive right to access certain choice beaches. Beaches the general public are prohibited from using. And that is against the very charter of the State, and the very reason NYS Parks System exists in the first place.
The whole idea of the NYS Parks System was to create access to nature for everyone. Not just the special people; but EVERYONE.


Yours truly,

The citizens of NYS

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It looks like wind

Friday 10/15 we sailed West Meadow. I should have been on my 3.7, but sailed the 4.2 all afternoon.
See Steve Dommer's pics at

The Kites were out too. But a friend of mine managed to cut his hand pretty badly on his lines. And he is one of the better kiters I know...so I think I'll stick to windsurfing.

He also has some from Saturday's 5.0-5.5 session at West Neck. God I love the Fall.

BlueharborCat also took some pics on Saturday at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LongIslandWindsurfer/photos/album/828932708/pic/list 

I cant copy Steve's photo's but here are two of my favorites from Saturday by Blue

More narcissistic behavior.

Last week I read a WSJ article that Government research concluded; people who keep public Blogs, or social network pages like Facebook are narcissistic.

DUH! How many of my tax dollars did it take for you to figure that out? I keep a public diary. Isn't this supposed to be under lock and key? Hidden under my mattress. What the hell are you all doing in my bedroom anyway?

Back to the matter at hand. Bragging and public complaining.

On Saturday October 9th I did indeed clean the bottom of my boat,[and my father's before me];Segue. A light putty knife, and scotchbrite pad were all I really needed.
The new ablative paint I have been using the last few years works very well. I wore a pair of prescription swim goggles and my Boogie Board fins. So lord knows what toxins I ingested in my little exercise.
The thing is. I used to be able to just beach her at high tide; wipe her down; and roll on a new fresh layer of bottom paint at low tide. Than I would just float her back to her mooring at high tide again. This saves me about $750 a season in crane time, hauling, bottom paint, and labor cost. Mind you, I still have her professionally hauled out every two years or so; but I just did that last October 2009. Why am I bothering you with this? Well other than the fact that I pride myself on being self sufficient...my Yacht Club changed the rules on me mid season.

With out any warning, announcement or vote; and even though it clearly states in this seasons 2010 roster that I can "lose my reservation to beach my boat if I am not ready at the beaching area at least 1/2 hour before high tide"; someone decided I can no longer avail myself of this privilege. Hell, the right to beach my boat, and do my own work was one of the reasons I chose this Club in the first place. The North Shore Yacht Club is one of long island sounds oldest continuing Yacht clubs. It has always been the more inexpensive alternative to the grander Clubs on Manhassett Bay. A "real Sailors club"; no swimming pool or bar tab here. Just the way I like it. Or liked it. Our shoreline is becoming infested with McMansions, every season more boat yards get pushed out of business, and even the grand Knickerbocker Yacht Club went belly up this year. And so it seems that yet again, I have become the grumpy old man longing for the "old Days", when seamanship mattered; not the size of your wallet.

Part Two: The good part.
On Sunday Lauralee and I at the urging of Peconic Jeff or peconicwindsurfer
took a road trip to Tiana. It is hard to believe that after 25 years of windsurfing on Long Island, I've never been there before. It is simply one of the most beautiful places on the island. It produces a easy clean wave, close to shore; and is sailable in just about every wind direction. And of course; just plain surfable. It was one of my most special windsurfing days in a long time. I met up with Jeff,[of course] it was his post that pushed me to drive out there in the first place. I sailed with Great Lakes Ted, Sasha & Christina from the regular crew. But also John Ford of Hamptons Windsurfing, and Michael Alex, whom I had not really sailed with in 15+ years. He posted our exploits on his now famous Peconic Puffin.

Thank guys

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What is left of the beach at The Old Coast Guard Station.

No great pictures, nothing spectacular to report. Work has been a bitch lately. That along with the fact that the sun is setting early and earlier, has put a crimp in my late shift sessions.

Since my “incident” with the NYS Parks Police at RM3, I’ve been able to secure a Surfing Permit for fields 3,4, and this year field 2. This is important because RM2 is closing soon due to budget cuts; and it is a long walk to Demo from field 5. I couldn’t get the State to agree to extent the permit through April 15. That bothers me; we are allowed to surf Demo from Jan 1 to April 15; no one uses those lots that time of year; but we can’t park there because the fisherman will be pissed! Well I’m a fisherman; and I have no problem.

Enough negative vibes! Although I missed some great days recently…I’ve enjoyed some great sailing and surfing as well. I hope you have been able to take advantage of this great Fall season. I’ve been reading and hearing about some truly great days.


9/19 After making the best of a sunny slow day; I managed a little Segue time from 5-8 PM.

9/21 Another after work sail from 4-7. The forecasters totally missed this one. I could have been on a 6.0 easily.

9/24 A really warm evening sail on Segue.

9/25 I did two beach clean ups. RM2 in the morning; The Old Coast Guard Station in the afternoon. I was especially disturbed by how many hypodermic needles we found that afternoon; at least 50.

9/26 Surfed a dawn patrol with Brook and Mustang. Then I came home and went sailing with Lauralee all afternoon.

10/2 Sailed West Meadow Dawn Patrol with some Kiters. The wind was light, and I actually rigged my 8.5. Came home and sailed Segue with the wife.

10/3 Nice NE day at Crab Meadow. 6.3 and the 110. Mostly it was great to have such a great crew out there. I haven’t sailed with Chuck in ages, and it is always a treat to sail with Phil.

10/4 Monday night; Pete, Dommer and I had a great NE Mysto session at CIB. Pete was a little jaded since this was like his 5th day sailing in a row, and he had sailed the ocean that morning. But I count it as one of my top ten CIB days. Fully powered 5.5 on the 110 RRD. Waist to head high swell; back side on Starboard, but DTL on Port.\

9/8 Last night I had a great nighttime sail on Seque. It was blowing 10-15 out of the WNW, and the visibility was good. Sailed from 6 till 9:30. Took me three attempts to hit my mooring. My depth perception is not what it once was in the dark. Plus the lights from shore kept obscuring my pick up buoy; even with a glow stick tied to it.

Well, I’m off to clean my waterline…Hope you all have a great weekend.

Oh and Columbus didn’t discover America; but that is not going to stop me from taking the day off.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I paddled out at Robert Moses Field Three yesterday.

I paddled out at Robert Moses Field Three yesterday.
The swell was big; but rideable. Though not much, for me. I have not surfed since the Spring with Mustang. I first did a drive by at 12:30, and it looked clean and perfect. But no one was surfing there at all. So I re-checked Gilgo [a crowded kook zoo], RM 4; & RM 5, [3 guys out: but the water was this brown foam, and it was breaking haphazardly].
I settled back on RM 3. The waves were breaking cleanly and consistently, about a quarter mile south of the pencil. It's a bit of a walk and a lot of paddling for me.
The water was crystal clear, but you could feel some tiny jellyfish chunks that had been broken up by the churning shore break.
The worst part was exiting the shore break. So once out you; just stayed out. It is the best place I have found when the wave period is 12 seconds or greater. Best time is an hour before, to an hour after low tide. Yesterday "Magic Seaweed" had RM as 5 feet @ 14 seconds. Low tide was 11:00.
Last year during hurricane Bill, I had the best surfing of my life there. It was one of those days you keep re-living over and over in your head. One of those days, like my first Demo session in a Nor Easter:… I will spend the rest of my life trying to recreate those moments.
Lauralee got to get some sun on a warm empty beach. I got some needed IN the water time. I surfed from 1:00 to 4:00. [I think we both overdid it a bit.] The first hour was great clean one and one half overhead size swell on the outside. It was jacking up for about 30 seconds or so. Dropping in was so much fun! But the swell just disappears; no impact zone to contend with. Unlike the inner bars that were just closing out, churning sand, and crushing everything. After 3 hours, we called it a day, and headed back to the parking lot.
On my dashboard I had my Fishing Permit, and the letter from George Gorman to Surfrider dated 2006, that states we can use the 4X4 Fishing Permit, or can purchase a Fall Fishing Permit for $15. And that this allows surfers to use the "closed parking lots" at RM 3 & RM 4 from September 15th to January 1st to park for surfing.
But of course when I arrived back at my truck I found State Police Sergeant "B" trying to ticket me. "What kind of permit do you have there son?", "The right kind Sir, Why do you ask?". "Well we got a phone call from a fisherman about someone illegally surfing Field 3”.
The entire time I was at field 3 there were only 4 cars in the entire lot. Three fishermen and one surfer: myself. One of these three fishermen had actually taken the time to call the Cops! I was nowhere near them. We were separated by a quarter mile of Ocean. I pulled out my copies of my documentation. [I never give the officers my originals; I’ve been harassed before.] I then explained how the “off season” parking works; showed him the letter and the maps.
“Well I’m the officer in charge of these here parts. How come I’ve never heard about this?”, “I couldn’t tell you that Sir. My name is Frank*********** by the way Sir; I work with Surfrider, if you would like to call Ron Foley, or Betsy Winterberger, they know who I am. I’m sure they could vouch for me.”,” You’re right Sergeant, if you ask about the Fall Surfing Permit at the office over there at Robert Moses they won’t know what you are talking about. You have to talk to Belmont. These are copies, so if you would like you can keep them.”
“No, no, I’ll check Monday. Personally, I have no problem with you surfers; it’s the kids who come down here and drink. You know the fishermen are just worried about your safety…If you get hit with one of their 8 ounce casts…” I interrupted, and pointed to my LIBBA plates. “Look I am a member of both LIBBA and Surfrider. I know the whole line of B.S. that Willy Young and Chuck Hollins are feeding you. My wife has only been surfcasting 10 years, and she could hit that sign 50 feet over there. If a fisherman hits a surfer with a treble hook, they are either incompetent, or it’s intentional.” “Let me ask you something; here is mine, and my wife’s fishing licenses. When you are done with me are you going to check those guys for NYS Fishing Licenses and beer?”
“No we were told that we don’t need to check for that”…”your paperwork seems to be in order. But I still have never heard anything about this Fall Surfing Permit”.
So I asked politely” Look Officer, I understand you are just doing your job. And you have no idea how much I appreciate how difficult your job is. But could you do me a favor, and not write me the ticket; It would mean I’d have to miss a whole day of work, to go to court, show the Judge the same documents I just showed you, so he could dismiss the charges”. Thank you Sergeant “B”.
Now this is the second time in three weeks that the NYS Police force have overstepped their authority. In the last case, after legitimately ejecting Surfers who drove their trucks to Democrat Point from the water: the Police continued to eject surfers from the water who had walked the mile and one half each way. Surfing is legal at Demo, so long as you walk in.
This is getting out of hand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Brewster in the blue, I am in the green

It was an Ezzy day. Brew in Blue. Me in Green.

I guess I was taking off, or landing?

Gotta' love the carve!

All images courtesy of Blueharborcat. Thanks

Sailed Stehle Wed with Pete R, Brewster, Joe Elvis, Upwind Mike and (I'm sorry I don't know the name of the guy in the car with the "windsurfer" plates). Sails ranged from mid 5's to 6.9. I sailed the 6.3 Ezzy Wave, and the 110 ltr RRD on a 9 ½” Weed Wave. Lots of ramps, lots of swell, mostly powered.

It was a nice night of sailing; especially for one that was not forecast.

I spent last night after I went to the gym glassing the rail on my Fish. I thought I was done with it: I had finished wet sanding the tail, and was going to wax it up for Igor, when I discovered the crushed rail. It must have been hidden under all the surf wax. It would have been easier to have just stripped the whole board and just re glassed the whole rail. But it's too late now, and I will probably have some decent swell this weekend.

Shame I'm going to miss tonight. - just can't go two days in a row. I have to let my body heal. At my age it takes at least 48 hours. Well at least I can get some work done. Business has been really tough lately. And hopefully, the wind will hold till Friday afternoon. It’s already starting to crank outside now. Hope you get some…

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I broke one of my own rules tonight.

I went windsurfing alone.

No buddy system: just me.

I got a text from Phil that he was heading to the ocean for a sail or [if the wind didn’t come up] a surf. I was busy, all day; I even forgot to eat. So at 3:00 when I saw the wind come up, I just wanted to go.

I tried to text Phil, but saw on LIwindsurfer that Sasha was powered up at Heckscher on a mid six sail. So I decided to go for the sure thing. I later discovered that Phil had a great ocean session; so I wish I had gone to Gilgo with him. But by the time I found that out, I was on my way home.

I arrived at Heckscher at 5:00. I saw everyone was on 6.5ish sails, so I rigged my 6.9 Ezzy, and the 125 ltr Sumo. I was way powered, to overpowered in the gusts. I thought of going back in and switching boards, but I didn’t want to waste the time. It gets dark shortly after 7:00; so I knew it was now or never. After about an hour, I realized that everyone had left, and gone home. I was alone in the Great South Bay, just blasting.

And I thought…Sailing alone at dusk is dangerous. But not nearly as dangerous as continuing to work across the street from the former World Trade Center after 911. I’m sure people who saw me from shore might have thought, “what is that guy doing, sailing out there all by himself, in the rain?”, “that’s crazy”. No. I think watching the progress at Ground Zero from my office window…that was crazy. I didn’t know any better. I thought I was doing my part, if I didn’t, I was told, ”the terrorists will win”. So I went to work every day. Wiped down the 1/8 inch of dust that would accumulate on my desk each night. And what was the point? We didn’t even have working telephones. I had a $1,500 cell phone bill for 3 straight months. Yes my company paid it; but that’s crazy.

Watching the snipers on the roof when I bought my egg and cheese an a roll each morning; that’s crazy. Breathing air that’s not safe, when your Government tells you it is; that’s crazy. I always used to get Tonsillitis if I had a cold that dragged on too long. Now, I get a sinus infection every year. And I have a friend who gets chronic pneumonia. What was the point.

In 2006 I found work here on the Island. After 20+ years; no more commute to the City.

I didn’t see the towers fall. I felt it. I smelled it. I breathed in the souls of 3,000 people. I’ve never published these photos, shot from my office window before.

So danger and crazy is all relative. I am only happy when I am in the water. No time to think; just act; just be. I’m glad I’m alive. But I need to live…I need to remember, how to live...

I will never forget.