Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing you

  • Above photo taken by Steve Domjan at the Bowl. Thank you Steve, you could have been sailing yourself instead of taking photos of me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Fall

As seems to happen every year: The weekend of October 15, 16 & 17 was such a great sailing weekend, [see last weeks post] [or last years] that they canceled/postponed the Manhasset Bay Fall Series again, because it was too windy. That's right folks. Million dollar racing sailboats, it seems, are incapable of sailing when there is actually wind. Well I'm glad the wind finally calmed down enough for them to hold some races by spreading the event over two weekends.

In other news: last Friday was an outstanding West Meadow day again. I was able to sail my 90 ltr Syncro, and 5.0 all afternoon. Though I probably should have been on my 4.7. I aggravated my tendinitis to such an extent, that I had to get another cortisone shot. so you guys will have to windsurf with out me this weekend. I'll be out on Segue.

Lastly; the Fall Bass run is moving West.

So the Fishermen have set up their "Beachfront Condo's" at Demo.

Remember, they have the exclusive right to drive on the NYS Parks beaches. The State of NY does NOT issue a 4X4 outer Beaches permit. They issue a 4X4 FISHING Permit. Everything else is prohibited via 4X4. [surfing, sunbathing, camping, swimming etc.]

So I figured I would show some action shots of these hearty fishermen in action.

Wait a second; no one is fishing. And why do you need a five ton truck to cart your fishing gear? Surfers have to carry their boards that same mile and a half stretch each way to reach that same section of beach?  Why are the "Soccer Mom's" and other user groups... people who are not 100% fishermen prohibited from using these beaches? I couldn't possibly carry all my windsurfing gear a mile and a half each way. It's a good thing I can sail there via the Fire Island Inlet.

Something smells fishy here.

Dear NYS Parks Department
We are not simply looking for surfing access. We are attempting to right a wrong. The State of NY has created a special class of beach user with the exclusive right to access certain choice beaches. Beaches the general public are prohibited from using. And that is against the very charter of the State, and the very reason NYS Parks System exists in the first place.
The whole idea of the NYS Parks System was to create access to nature for everyone. Not just the special people; but EVERYONE.


Yours truly,

The citizens of NYS

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It looks like wind

Friday 10/15 we sailed West Meadow. I should have been on my 3.7, but sailed the 4.2 all afternoon.
See Steve Dommer's pics at

The Kites were out too. But a friend of mine managed to cut his hand pretty badly on his lines. And he is one of the better kiters I know...so I think I'll stick to windsurfing.

He also has some from Saturday's 5.0-5.5 session at West Neck. God I love the Fall.

BlueharborCat also took some pics on Saturday at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LongIslandWindsurfer/photos/album/828932708/pic/list 

I cant copy Steve's photo's but here are two of my favorites from Saturday by Blue

More narcissistic behavior.

Last week I read a WSJ article that Government research concluded; people who keep public Blogs, or social network pages like Facebook are narcissistic.

DUH! How many of my tax dollars did it take for you to figure that out? I keep a public diary. Isn't this supposed to be under lock and key? Hidden under my mattress. What the hell are you all doing in my bedroom anyway?

Back to the matter at hand. Bragging and public complaining.

On Saturday October 9th I did indeed clean the bottom of my boat,[and my father's before me];Segue. A light putty knife, and scotchbrite pad were all I really needed.
The new ablative paint I have been using the last few years works very well. I wore a pair of prescription swim goggles and my Boogie Board fins. So lord knows what toxins I ingested in my little exercise.
The thing is. I used to be able to just beach her at high tide; wipe her down; and roll on a new fresh layer of bottom paint at low tide. Than I would just float her back to her mooring at high tide again. This saves me about $750 a season in crane time, hauling, bottom paint, and labor cost. Mind you, I still have her professionally hauled out every two years or so; but I just did that last October 2009. Why am I bothering you with this? Well other than the fact that I pride myself on being self sufficient...my Yacht Club changed the rules on me mid season.

With out any warning, announcement or vote; and even though it clearly states in this seasons 2010 roster that I can "lose my reservation to beach my boat if I am not ready at the beaching area at least 1/2 hour before high tide"; someone decided I can no longer avail myself of this privilege. Hell, the right to beach my boat, and do my own work was one of the reasons I chose this Club in the first place. The North Shore Yacht Club is one of long island sounds oldest continuing Yacht clubs. It has always been the more inexpensive alternative to the grander Clubs on Manhassett Bay. A "real Sailors club"; no swimming pool or bar tab here. Just the way I like it. Or liked it. Our shoreline is becoming infested with McMansions, every season more boat yards get pushed out of business, and even the grand Knickerbocker Yacht Club went belly up this year. And so it seems that yet again, I have become the grumpy old man longing for the "old Days", when seamanship mattered; not the size of your wallet.

Part Two: The good part.
On Sunday Lauralee and I at the urging of Peconic Jeff or peconicwindsurfer
took a road trip to Tiana. It is hard to believe that after 25 years of windsurfing on Long Island, I've never been there before. It is simply one of the most beautiful places on the island. It produces a easy clean wave, close to shore; and is sailable in just about every wind direction. And of course; just plain surfable. It was one of my most special windsurfing days in a long time. I met up with Jeff,[of course] it was his post that pushed me to drive out there in the first place. I sailed with Great Lakes Ted, Sasha & Christina from the regular crew. But also John Ford of Hamptons Windsurfing, and Michael Alex, whom I had not really sailed with in 15+ years. He posted our exploits on his now famous Peconic Puffin.

Thank guys

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What is left of the beach at The Old Coast Guard Station.

No great pictures, nothing spectacular to report. Work has been a bitch lately. That along with the fact that the sun is setting early and earlier, has put a crimp in my late shift sessions.

Since my “incident” with the NYS Parks Police at RM3, I’ve been able to secure a Surfing Permit for fields 3,4, and this year field 2. This is important because RM2 is closing soon due to budget cuts; and it is a long walk to Demo from field 5. I couldn’t get the State to agree to extent the permit through April 15. That bothers me; we are allowed to surf Demo from Jan 1 to April 15; no one uses those lots that time of year; but we can’t park there because the fisherman will be pissed! Well I’m a fisherman; and I have no problem.

Enough negative vibes! Although I missed some great days recently…I’ve enjoyed some great sailing and surfing as well. I hope you have been able to take advantage of this great Fall season. I’ve been reading and hearing about some truly great days.


9/19 After making the best of a sunny slow day; I managed a little Segue time from 5-8 PM.

9/21 Another after work sail from 4-7. The forecasters totally missed this one. I could have been on a 6.0 easily.

9/24 A really warm evening sail on Segue.

9/25 I did two beach clean ups. RM2 in the morning; The Old Coast Guard Station in the afternoon. I was especially disturbed by how many hypodermic needles we found that afternoon; at least 50.

9/26 Surfed a dawn patrol with Brook and Mustang. Then I came home and went sailing with Lauralee all afternoon.

10/2 Sailed West Meadow Dawn Patrol with some Kiters. The wind was light, and I actually rigged my 8.5. Came home and sailed Segue with the wife.

10/3 Nice NE day at Crab Meadow. 6.3 and the 110. Mostly it was great to have such a great crew out there. I haven’t sailed with Chuck in ages, and it is always a treat to sail with Phil.

10/4 Monday night; Pete, Dommer and I had a great NE Mysto session at CIB. Pete was a little jaded since this was like his 5th day sailing in a row, and he had sailed the ocean that morning. But I count it as one of my top ten CIB days. Fully powered 5.5 on the 110 RRD. Waist to head high swell; back side on Starboard, but DTL on Port.\

9/8 Last night I had a great nighttime sail on Seque. It was blowing 10-15 out of the WNW, and the visibility was good. Sailed from 6 till 9:30. Took me three attempts to hit my mooring. My depth perception is not what it once was in the dark. Plus the lights from shore kept obscuring my pick up buoy; even with a glow stick tied to it.

Well, I’m off to clean my waterline…Hope you all have a great weekend.

Oh and Columbus didn’t discover America; but that is not going to stop me from taking the day off.