Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This is taking longer than I thought

So I haven’t had the time to address any off Segue’s issues yet this year. I’ve been busy.

I have been working too hard the last few Springs, and missed being in the OBX.

This year has been a little rough on me . So I decided to go anyway.

Since the drive is long and I want Lauralee to come out to the beach with me more often I had some work to do?

Basically I was given a list. My beautiful bride of 30 years plus, would like…
1- To have a spot for her purse that she can reach from the front seat.
2- A place to carry our bikes, in case it’s not windy
3- a place to put garbage that she can reach without being a contortionist
4- some room to put a bag or two of her own
5- a place to put a beach chair
6- and an umbrella

See even when I had the giant extended E350, I always managed to fill it to the brim with gear. My gear. When I downsized to the Nissan my daily commute was more comfortable. But I have less space. So I the toys took precedence, and not the comforts of home.

She was loaded right up to the back of the front seats.
I tried to address this by switching all my boards to Tri Fins Freestyle wave boards. No race gear, slalom, or foils. Only three windsurfers. And I only carry one surfboard now. Plus my current rack system was crushing my sails. And I didn’t want that.

So here is how I started

 First job was tearing everything out
 Now where do I put all this stuff?

 It starts with a plan of sorts.

I wanted to keep the carpeting in. and not do a complete tear out. I don't think this is going to be a 150,000 mile surf van like the last one was.

So I lay down some vinyl.                              Tear apart the old racks

And build some new ones. 

 Build and paint a platform.                                

You build a base to anchor everything to

 You figure out how to attach it to the seat mounts. Add the racks

You try and make everything fit. And it doesn't. So you curse a lot.

 You spend a lot of time wishing you had actual plans.

Fit and refit.

                            Then all of a sudden it looks like you knew what you were doing...

                          Finally. The boards fit! The booms...the masts!

I think there is room for a purse.
 Now I'm still trying to get the huge drawer to slide properly. So I may just use baskets for awhile.

So now that I'm done, what next?


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